How to start Sim Racing without braking the bank

How many times you’ve heard “I want to start sim racing, but it’s so damn expensive…” Well, let me tell you that you can do it with 200€ or even way less if you already have some equipment. How?

Search for a used PS4, you can find them between 90 to 140€ depending on where you are. Buy GT Sport (20€), 1 month of PSPlus (9€) only if you want to try racing online against other players and you are ready to start! Yes, you will be perfectly fine with no wheel for now and believe me, you can have a blast and also learn a lot with the gamepad only (The 6 axis Motion Control is actually very good!) Also, GT Sport has its own driving school where you can learn all the basics before going into the multiplayer mode (braking points, apexes,acceleration points, race craft, strategy, how/when to attack/defend… you name it).

“But, can I be competitive?” Man, you just started.. are you the next Senna? And the answer is can be competitive if you put the time and dedication into it. Don’t forget this is supposed to be fun, do not try hard…yet. Go read “one second at a time

“But man, this is so fun that I want a wheel and pedals set now!” Nice, they add a lot of immersion and if you ask me there’s where part of the fun comes. Try to find a used Logitech G29 wheel and pedals (120 to 160€), as they are PC and PS4 compatible and man they last a lifetime if treated well. You will take some time to adapt but remember, by now you already now the basics right? Just take your time and have fun.

Happy SimRacing!