Enjoying SimRacing… again!

This is Not how it Started! – 2014

10 years old… my oldest son’s age and since when I found out that there were some other “crazy folks” like me who got together on Wednesday nights to do some online races, against each other! Whatt?? Time to get the old Logitech Momo from the attic, tie it to the desk, secure the office chair with some boards and go!

EFRA TCC – Luxembourg

GTR2 was the sim of choice in the PTSims.net community but at that time the transition to Race 07/GTR Evolution was imminent. I opted for both and hit the road with the precious help of several more experienced members. I quickly realized that SimRacing could be the perfect replacement for one of the hobbies that will always have a place in my heart… radio controlled motorsport.

Among various teams, simulators, communities and other projects related to SimRacing, having been welcomed by a community of which I made countless friends over the last decade is one of the most precious things I keep, makes me look back and smile. Some so-called “virtual friends” have become real friends

But in the beginning of this pandemic period, which brought the much-desired visibility to our hobby ( i am sure everyone remembers the amount of events and self-promo per day at that time! Crazy, right!??) things started to derail for me… all this growth, visibility and exposure brought to light several other problems, typical of a frenetic sudden growth.
The arrival of many new people with different ideas and behaviours and already some tiredness accumulated over the years led to saturation, indignation and a natural withdrawal. What was supposed to be a fun and easygoing hobby has turned into something that i was not used to…

Almost 2 years… and as a musician I had a lot of free time to think, stop and rethink again, redo…look at it from another perspective, and then do what you like the way you like it, when you feel like it!

In May, was cooking dinner and watching my friend Nuno Pinto racing GTPro in RFactor 2. The broadcaster as a contest called the Fan Attack Giveaway, you just have to tweet a picture of the broadcast with a Fanatec logo on it… and i did it! And I’ve luckily won it!

Lucky Bastard!

Couple of weeks ago, RaceRoom launched an update (FFB and stuff). Race07/GTR Evolution’s younger cousin brings feelings from when it all started back in the day… it just felt like the universe is aligning! Yeahh.. always the simple things, right!?

And just like that I find myself enjoying this SimRacing thing… again!

Happy simracing ☮